Blue Carbon

Wales in the fight against climate change. Developing financial mechanisms supporting sustainable development.
Blue Carbon could be the next big thing in the fight against climate change. Sazani is at the forefront of this exciting new approach to reducing carbon emissions.

Sazani has created knowledge links in the UK, bringing together scientists at Swansea University and Aberystwyth University to make practical steps forward in using the coastal fringes of the world as the next battleground in literally stemming the tide of climate impacts.

Mangrove wetlands and their associated seagrass meadows lock away 50 times more carbon than tropical rainforests – acre for acre – but they have been decimated over the last 20 years or so, putting lives at risk as well as contributing to increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Sazani are developing a new VCS Methodology using a remote sensing approach. We are also building community governance systems supporting a Payment for Ecosystems Services Approach (PES) utilising our many years of experience of working with tropical coastal communities.

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