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Climate Change Mitigation: Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems

Sazani Associates in partnership with The Sazani Trust (UK Reg charity) are actively seeking collaborators to support the resourcing of the implementation phase of their highly innovative Blue Carbon PES scheme. Collaborators will share with local communities in realizing economic


Social Variation of Activities (Mauritania)

Engaging and working with rural communities in Africa and applying participatory methodologies to livelihood’s analyse, supports decision making by both investors and government. Often a clear picture of livelihoods is clouded by preconception and prejudice and it is critical solid …


Research Awaiting Publication

Assessing land cover change in northern Zanzibar and its relation to environmental and social pressures
Anneka France 1,*, Natascha Kljun , Sietse Los 1,† and Mark Proctor 2

1 Department of Geography, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, Wales, UK,

Anti Radicalization Project Development

Following on from our research and work in rural Zanzibar and a successful EU Project with Bulgarian Partner on “Developing Community Resilience”, Sazani are focusing on critical social issues closer to home. We are actively collaborating with Exeter University and …


Commissioning Research Development Projects

Sazani conducts work with governments, global institutions, corporations and NGOs. We undertake research and development projects around the world, and our diverse group of practitioners have vast collective expertise in the development field.

To discuss possible research or development initiatives, …