EcoClip Video Competition

The ‘EcoClip’ Video Competition invites young people from the Indian Ocean Region (Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Réunion and Zanzibar) to produce short films (no more than 3 minutes) realising their vision of sustainable development on their respective islands. In December 2014 Sazani partnered with ISLANDS to organise and deliver the Zanzibar component of this competition.

The ‘EcoClip’ competition is open to any young person aged between 16 and 25 years. Youth groups, associations and schools as well as various media outlets have also been targeted in order to spread the word to as many youth as possible.

The aim of this competition is for 5 young people to express themselves by producing a short film on methods of best practices or their vision of sustainable development in Zanzibar. The film can be animated, a music video or a documentary; the choice is up to them. The competition will also:

  • Mobilise young people
  • Fuel their creativity
  • Increase their environmental literacy
  • Increase young people’s knowledge about their rights, responsibilities and obligations of environmental sustainability and sustainable living at a local, national and global level
  • Encourage them to be Global Citizens
  • Empower young people and encourage them to be more active within their communities
  • Improve key employability skills such as their communication, decision making and team building skills.

Preparations to launch the competition began as early as December 2014 once Zanzibits agreed to deliver the media training and to assist us with initial publicity. After a number of weeks of distributing posters and a week of radio broadcasts and interviews, the launch was held on Saturday 17th January at Haile Selassie Secondary School which attracted the attention of about 70 youth, numerous head teachers various government ministers and the guest of honour – the Deputy Principle Secretary for the First Vice Presidents office. The launch introduced ISLANDS, Sazani and Zanzibits explained the competition, how young people could get involved, and what would follow over the next few months. A brief explanation of Sustainable Development was delivered by Bi Saada and some short films on the subject were shown as examples of what was expected.

Immediately following the launch Sazani started delivering Sustainable Development awareness raising training to young people who were interested in both the competition and in increasing their knowledge.

Once the training in sustainable development was completed the young people had until 31st of January to submit their proposals on what their short film would be about and from these submissions 5 young people were selected to receive media training with Zanzibits for 3 months and to produce their films, with the winner being selected to fly to Mauritius for the next edition of “Ile Courts” festival:

Progress to date

Following the successful launch of the competition, Sazani began sustainable development training. Six sessions were delivered to 25-30 young people, over two weeks in: climate change, marine resources, deforestation/land use, citizenship and tourism in relation to sustainable development, media and rights and proposal writing. The end of January culminated in the submission of 15 proposals and 5 were then chosen by a carefully selected Selection Committee to receive media training.

Media training commenced in February 2015 and has been a mixture of classroom based sessions, with topics including Introduction to Film and Scriptwriting, and field visits. The young people have been to see a recycling programme to get more inspiration for their scripts and film, to take footage and to work on editing techniques. They have also been to see mangroves and to visit a refuse collection project.
In Zanzibar we have allowed each candidate to work with a partner, so 10 young people will be receiving the media training.

Future Developments

From March 2015 filming will start on location using Smartphones, which have been donated to the project. Filming will last about a month and for the final month they will be back in the Zanzibits building for editing.

April 20th 2015 is the deadline for submission of all films and a winner will then be chosen.

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