New Zanzibar Education Project – ABC to Quality Teaching and Learning

This will enable us to build on the successes of our Global Professional Learning Community (GPLC) to further develop teachers’ competencies with a focus on improving classroom delivery and student progress. We will be working with GPLC teachers to cascade a lesson study approach through continuing joint professional development (CJPD) within six lower secondary schools in Pemba and six lower secondary schools in Zanzibar.

Lesson study is a powerful, professional learning approach that dramatically improves learning and teaching and the practice and subject knowledge of teachers.

It has 140 years of history in Japanese schools and is increasingly used globally because of the dramatic improvements in pupil achievement.

Sazani will train and mentor two teachers from twelve GPLC schools in Pemba and Zanzibar as Cascade Teachers (CTs) to train and support nine teachers (3 English/Humanities, 3 Maths and 3 Science) in their respective schools to deliver an ABC to Quality Teaching & Learning over a twelve month period that will: improve teachers’ and students’ Attitudes towards education, develop and improve their, Behaviour for learning; and increase core and key Competences, through lesson study. This project will utilise the Healthy and Sustainable Schools (HSS) curriculum so basic and key skills in literacy, numeracy, problem solving are delivered through lessons, in English, linked to local livelihoods and realities.

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