Social Change Through Social Enterprise

Building New Forms of Public Service Delivery alongside New Social Goods

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Sazani want to help providers of public services to develop alternative delivery methods, providing better value for money, increasing community control and provide a more mixed economy for public services. Social enterprises can be the answer in offering more accountable and effective ways of delivering services. They offer an opportunity to build less visibly tangible additional benefits to a range of stakeholders and provide a mechanism for building resilience into market driven solutions.

We can support Local Authorities and others to identify market opportunities suitable for Social Enterprise exploitation. We can design and equip new Social Enterprises and support them through the difficult first stages of registering, business planning, procurement, accounting and governance issues, tendering and delivery issues as well as staffing and recruitment issues.

Identifying a market is the first problem for any enterprise.

We propose to solve this problem by working with commissioning and procurement teams in Local Authorities to identify where there is potential for Social Enterprises to provide some of their services over the next 5 – 10 years.

We will work with procurement bodies to help identify the type of EU procurement rules that can be used to encourage social benefits from their procurement procedures.

Sazani Tackling “Wicked Problems”

Introduction – Who are Sazani?

The Sazani Global Group is pleased to present our expertise and experience in Social Engagement and Social Enterprise and how we can help you use it to solve “Wicked Problems”. We recognise the issues faced by both public bodies and businesses in delivering additional public benefits alongside existing statutory obligations.

We offer you our expertise at managing an iterative, solution orientated process of social engagement and social business development.

Sazani’s project team can be compiled from various offices in the Sazani Global Group to provide the client with the best possible team to suit the needs of the project and the geographical location. We have strong academic collaborators in the UK and Africa, which adds to our utility in addressing “Wicked Problems”. As well as private sector contract work we have managed a variety of EU funding and US and UK based donor funds. We recently received a UN Gold Star Award from the Wales Government and were awarded a Council of Europe Laureate award; marking our European that drive both failure and success. As well as many years of experience with not project with 10 international partners as one of the EU’s exemplary projects of the last ten years. The award was received in Lisbon.

The group is made up of incorporated, independent and internationally recognized, “Not for Profit” companies and a registered UK Charity. We have a decade of hands on experience serving clients globally in all aspects of social engagement and problem solving which has often involved creating new social enterprises. Supporting our strong grasp of social change theory is years of experience of hands on work with governments, corporate entities, private sector stakeholders, academic bodies and most importantly, communities in conflict. We understand financial governance mechanisms, European Union constraints on procurement and have experience of working with cooperatives and social enterprises across Europe. We have supported them to deliver “added value” in terms of cultural, social and environmental benefits alongside compliance with EU procurement laws.

All our core team are famliar through direct experience at setting up and running social enterprises and understand the dynamic for profit companies and charities. We have social enterprise expertise in the fields of environmental management, social work, education and training for the private sector. Equally important is our teams experiences of working and operating within the public sector in Wales and overseas, recognising the pressures on both public and civil servants.

The Sazani Approach to Social Enterprise through Public Procurement.

We recognise there are two distinct concepts within a social enterprise. The social component, were benefits flow to those both inside and outside the business and also the notion of enterprise. Enterprise experience and risk management within a financial setting create a fundamentally different working framework to traditional direct employment public service delivery. Yet public procurement is uniquely well placed to support the maximising of public benefit from procurement and the “spinning off” of service component within a European Union framework. We have both private sector and social economy experience within the team and this informs our approach.

Starting new social enterprises requires commissioning authorities to understand the benefits delivered and to engage with these new businesses. In the short term, this can be a difficult balance between tipping the balance in favour or a prepared and supported social enterprise and falling foul of legal challenges to future bidders who feel disadvantaged. In the long term this will ultimately influence the way all potential contractors are engaged with. Sazani can support growth, capacity and transparency whilst ensuring commissioning agencies do not inadvertently fall foul of commissioning procedures.


Over the last 10 years Sazani has assisted a range of clients around the world resolved complex issues. We have done this through engagement with various stakeholders to meet both host country regulatory requirements and international standards in a variety of sectors. Sazani has skilled social professionals around the world and can assist with finding creative project solution, in any location. Working where appropriate with the Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation (IFC) guidelines we have defined and addressed Wicked Problems on three continents, often working with difficult confidentiality constraints. Business development and new mechanisms for engagement and trading are central to what we have been doing. We have leading edge experience in Payment for Ecosystems Services (PES) and the use of GIS to support climate and carbon analysis and sustainable local economic development maximising local benefits.

This has supported communities, governments and corporate to align their interest. When we all want the same thing, consensus is easy. We understand what recognised good practice looks like for various aspects of social development.

We specalise in working in and with small semi autonomous states and currently work with over 10 academic institutions around the world. Sazani Global has experience with communities in Africa, Europe, and Central America and are particularly comfortable working with conservative Islamic communities, Roma communities and communities in conflict. We have the ability to operate with a variety of languages.

Services we are providing Globally

  • Social Entreprise creation, governance and management. (UK, EU, Mauratania, Niger, Tanzania, Internationally and others)
  • Consultation Planning, Problems Scoping and identifying opportunities.
  • Social Engagement and Community Development Programs.
  • Ecosystem Services Management.
  • Social investment Fund and Foundation Models.
  • Restoration of Sustainable Livelihoods.
  • Conflict resolution (Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Bulgaria, Slovakia and others)
  • Supporting intergrated education solutions supporting businesses, TVET, CPD programmes for teachers and anti radicalism with vulnerable communities.
  • Corporate Social Strategies.
  • Capacity Building Training in all of the Above

If you want to know more or to discuss potential collaboration, email: and arrange for a confidential discussion with one of the Directors.

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