Visit from CSSEPA

Andiwo from the CSSEPA (Centre of Social Sector, Education and Policy Analysis) team based in Nairobi visited the Education project in Zanzibar and spent 4 days with the team in reviewing our education project design and observing our implementation in order to take note on our successes and challenges and to provide technical support in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation and policy development. CSSEPA is Sazani’s regional partner in the implementation of the PSIPSE project (Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education). This is their 3rd visit to the project.

On Saturday and Sunday he observed and participated in our CPD training with 30 schools in town on the topic of Agriculture during which he praised our method of focusing on both pedagogy and content together. As a trained teacher by profession at the end of the session Andiwo gave a brief talk on the importance of encouraging active participation in class and the importance of the dissemination of information and knowledge gained through training to the rest of the school. On Monday and Tuesday he visited schools in town and in the North of Zanzibar.

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