Come and work with us

Current volunteering opportunities

Although we offer particular opportunities, we can provide bespoke placements and opportunities if you wish to undertake a project as part of your university course or have specific skills or qualifications that you want to develop. We will match your skills and knowledge with the local communities and groups we work with to provide a unique learning package for you.

We offer an authentic learning opportunity to support the sustainable development of a rural community, as well as supporting you to appreciate the vibrant Zanzibar culture. You will be working and interacting with local Zanzibaris on a daily basis and will have the perfect opportunity to learn Kiswahilli, although English is widely spoken throughout the Island.

Product Design (Textiles)

Work within a development context to help community textile enterprises by designing clothing for local people and tourists in Zanzibar.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Design
  • Product Design
  • Art Design
Product Marketing

Research and implement marketing opportunities in Zanzibar for new community enterprises.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Marketing
  • Business
Marketing & Social Marketing

Look at possible marketing opportunities that can promote the work Sazani does in Zanzibar.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Marketing
Educational Support Worker

Depending on your level of expertise you can work in a primary school, secondary school, vocational college or with the Sazani Team supporting the delivery of a Continuous Professional Development Programme for Zanzibari teachers.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Education
  • Working with your people
Community Development

Work with staff to support a range of community livelihood projects and to build community capacity. Zanzibar has a complex political and social environment and this type of opportunity requires reflective and resilient individuals.

Suitable Qualifications or Experience:

  • Social Science background
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate level
Coastal Environmental Impact and Carbon Mapping

Support the development of Sazani’s ‘blue carbon scheme’ by mapping the environmental impact within the coastal belt and undertaking a range of specific projects, which will inform future Sazani projects with local coastal communities.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Sciences or Social science background
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate and industry training (theoretical and practical applications)
Marine Volunteer

Participate in the mapping of two reefs and their intertidal zones. You will be working on a research project, visible from your bedroom window. A dive package is also in place where you can learn to dive (PADI) and undertake research. The dive package consists of 35 dives over six weeks and extended packages can be arranged.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Marine/ Biology/ Environmental Science
  • Geography
  • Conservation
Video Diaries

To support storyboarding and production of video diaries and other videoing opportunities which will be used to promote Sazani’s work and skill up rural communities.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Media & Design and Video
Teaching Assistant

Work in a Zanzibar nursery, primary or secondary school, assisting teachers to increase the English language skills of students and teachers.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • EOSL/ TEFL or equivalent
  • Teaching Qualification
Food Production volunteer

Help research, support and give advice on the production of nutritious foods with the rural community.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Agriculture/ farming
  • Agronomist
  • Rural development
  • Aquaculture expertise
Advance Community Development

Support Zanzibar’s rural communities, analyse and organise their community situation and draw up a plan for future development.

Suitable qualifications or experience:

  • Community Development expertise/experience
Doctoral and Post Doctoral Research base

We have an MoU with the State University of Zanzibar and are close with both government ministries and key community stakeholders.

We are in the unique position of being able to offer a range of social and environmental research opportunities based at Sazani Beach Research Center and in Stone town.

We are particularly interested in collaborating in research that can be of use to Small States and the peculiar challenges they face. Zanzibar as a semi autonomous small state is the perfect microcosm in which to explore these issues. We work closely with Bristol University’s Education in Small States Research Group and the Cabot Institute.