What we're working on

Current Sazani projects

Sazani Associates work on a variety of projects in association with educational institutes, governments, environmental agencies and funding organisations.

As a volunteer you will be actively involved in completing a range of tasks supporting our projects. Some of the projects Sazani Associates are working on are listed below but we have many more included on our website.

Kinamama Kitchen Enterprise

15 villages have come together to form a self-help federation with the aim of working collectively to develop real, sustainable jobs and a proper income.

They have recently been trained in and actively use sustainable methods (rocket stoves/ solar cookers) to make jam, preserves and dried fruit from the seasonal fruit and spices that grow on the island.

The project has had some success with many of the hotels on the island making large orders after their cooks tasted the homemade jam. In light of their success, the local government has given the project land, to build a purpose made unit to house their food production activities.

Global Education

Sazani have been involved in curriculum partnerships between schools in Wales and Zanzibar for over a decade and have successfully linked over forty schools so far. We have helped many teachers, from both countries, to travel to their sponsored school to experience the education system of another country first hand as well as learning about different cultures.

We work closely with Zanzibar schools and we understand many of the challenges they face, including the lack of resources, poorly trained teachers, no clean water or toilets.

We have addressed many of these issues over several projects including sponsoring teacher training and collecting, producing and supplying learning materials to schools in Zanzibar.

Women and Food Sovereignty

This is a project working with cooperative groups in the rural areas supporting aquaculture, crab farming, school gardening, organic fruit and vegetable production and beekeeping. These activities support access to nutritious food that is sustainably produced and sustainably traded.