About Us

About Us

With more than 15 years experience across Europe, Africa and Latin America, Sazani:

• Performs Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) and associated risk reviews of natural resource and energy projects.

• Develops and implements grant funded projects supporting sustainable rural development and educational initiatives; 

• Delivers continuing professional development training for rural teachers in global learning and participatory pedagogies in both face to face and online settings;

• Provides technical support and training to the natural resource sector in achieving and maintaining social licence to operate and social performance; 

• Participates in research and innovation projects on topics ranging from drone use in malaria eradication to measuring social acceptability of mineral exploration through remote sensing; and

Who we are

We were established in 2005 by an interdisciplinary group of experienced practitioners (academics, consultants, project managers) from all over the world.


The Last 15 Years