About Us

Sazani is an international not-for-profit, research and development organisation. We specialise in community engagement through participatory research, and the development of integrated programmes for sustainable rural development in the UK and overseas and we are now accredited trainers for Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning.

Our Associates

Our multi award winning organisation was established in 2005 by an interdisciplinary group of experienced practitioners (academics, consultants, project managers) from all over the world.

We are dedicated to the use of participatory approaches for research, development and learning. Our associates operate in the fields of socio-economic development, natural resource management and education.

Sazani have developed and delivered vocational training in partnership with local African based colleges. Building on local strengths and supporting existing capacity, linking were possible to government provision is what we do. Enterprise for youths and bridging gaps between technical and vocational provision requires an in depth understanding of the local economy.

Climate Smart

Sazani has worked on climate smart measures driving social change in a range of different countries, some of which are Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Creating and measures social change – particularly but not exclusively – in relation to community adaption to climate change is one of our specialities.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Developing coastal and rural livelihoods and creating social change through privateer sector growth and development, in particular relating to food production, is where we are most comfortable.

Applying appropriate technologies, using capabilities approach within a sustainable livelihoods framework, is the theory of what we do. We use our practitioner, business development and community development skills – which have been hard won by years in the field – to ensure that our results are permanent and not just temporary solutions.


We always build on community strengths for Sazani, innovation in as much about designing mechanisms to create social change as it is about new technologies for programme of project design. We use GIS platforms to analyse the spatial relationships in our data and utilise our links with a number or UK and non-UK universities in both delivery and evaluation.


This is the heart of our work. Only by giving people systems for communicating and creating the required change will sustainable solutions emerge from whatever is being undertaken. Engaging people and supporting involvement in not a skill one learns in six months practice – all our field staff value their experience as practitioners.

Global Learning

This is about creating “crossing points” for the individuals and communities we work with, giving them the opportunities to contextualise learning in a global context. Understanding issues such as cultural difference, the impacts of climate change and social and environmental injustice is – we think – the best way to broker the creation of sustainable communities and individuals.

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