Typologies of challenges to social licence to operate (SLOs) in the Mining Sector

Doctoral presentation made to Sazani Associates Research Working Group on 1st June, 2018 in Carmarthen, Wales, UK

The Canary in the Cage: Community Voices and
Social License to Operate in Central Eastern Europe

Sazani supports UNESCO and Brookings Institution in mapping global citizenship education

Sazani Associates were glad to be able to contribute to this important new research as part of the work group. This exciting new publication on Measuring Global Citizenship Education is a toolkit intended to shed light on one aspect of operationalising Global Citizenship Education (GCED): and how it can be measured.

As practitioners we welcome the work and collaboration of The Brookings Institution with UNESCO and others in cataloguing and evaluating the range and depth of knowledge and approaches. We will be using this important publication to further develop our own practice in Global Citizenship Education, linking it to ongoing collaborative doctoral research with Swansea University.