Coastal Project: A blue solution in development

Coastal Project: A blue solution in development

Sazani Trust and Sazani Associates(Sazani) have piloted an integrated community approach to supporting the establishment of sustainable livelihoods through education and training in Zanzibar.

This approach included:

-Formal education curriculum embedding Education for Sustainable Development into teacher training and classroom delivery, through the Healthy and Sustainable Schools Programme

-Community focused training and technological transfer in climate-smart technologies and sustainable enterprise startup. 

Sazani Associates Blue Panorama Solutions(

Project Summary

COASTAL will work across Unguja and Pemba islands building the resilience of coastal communities, enabling them to develop sustainable livelihoods and playing an active part in the management, conservation and protection of essential coastal ecosystems.

Applying an ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) approach, the project will focus on fostering praxis in the context of natural resource management. People and nature will share centre stage to implement a shared vision for sustainable change in which the linkages between ecosystem health and human wellbeing are identified, and human needs are addressed within ecosystem boundaries.

Key to this will be a focus on the resilience and adaptive capability of coastal ecosystems, with a special focus on the protection and restoration of mangroves and seagrass beds and the livelihoods that depend on them. This will be done through ecosystem-based adaptation measures, alongside strengthened capacity of the national authorities to monitor and manage the protected areas.

The project will lead to better protection of mangrove ecosystems at a local level, thus adding to and reinforcing the existing network of protected areas. The project will also strengthen the social fabric that a functioning national-scale Marine Protected Area (MPA) network will need to rely on, if it is to be effective in delivering ecological objectives.

This adds strength and value to ongoing conservation efforts, by bringing in a strong community focus and an emphasis on tying in ways of meeting basic human needs with activities focused on ecosystem integrity.