Current Volunteer Opportunities

Sazani Associates offers volunteering opportunities on a skill share basis. We currently offer volunteer programmes in the UK or the tropical island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. In some cases, we might also be able to make arrangements for remote working.

The islands of Zanzibar – with its palm-lined white beaches and rich culture – are a popular tourist destination, attracting over 500,000 visitors annually. Yet, many locals still live in extreme poverty. Sazani is committed to responsible, sustainable ecotourism practices and ensures that all our voluntourism opportunities minimise the negative impact of mass tourism, build environmental awareness and action, provide direct financial benefits to the community and for local conservation, respect local culture and support human rights. As a charitable organisation, we create bespoke voluntourism packages at cost – unlike many profit making companies advertising gap year travel placements – and we guarantee that your money has a positive impact on the communities you engage with.

For more information on any of the opportunities advertised, or to enquire about a bespoke placement, please give us a call or email us.