Our approach

We adopt a Sustainable Change Approach to support communities in realising the value of their resources for the development of sustainable livelihood opportunities; without initiating the “shopping list syndrome” that can take over when communities are simply asked what they want or need.

We create a participatory and empowering engagement process that transforms communities from dependents to drivers in their development.

Sazani combine this innovative approach with the opening of a dialogue between communities and powerful stakeholders to drive a solution orientated process. We recognise power is concentrated in societies everywhere, but we work in a way that aligns the interests of the majority in order to develop permanent and lasting solutions.

When we all want the same thing, consensus is easy.

Our approach has been evaluated and approved by the Institute of Education London University, demonstrating that it is a highly effective platform for enabling positive social change. We recognise specific cultural and political requirements when working within different countries and take special considerations when designing engagement processes and solutions. Sazani also works very closely with the Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation (IFC) Guidelines to define and address wicked problems.