CASA Media

In March 2016 Sazani Associates were successfully awarded a small grant from Hub Cymru Africa and The Welsh Government to enable young people in West Wales and Zanzibar to learn about climate change and sustainable development goals from one another’s perspective, to interpret their understanding through digital media and to produce a short film on a climate change or sustainable development issue of their choice.

The young people in Wales are part of the Home School Network and Dr M’z, a youth drop in centre run by Carmarthen Youth Project; whilst the young people from Zanzibar attend one of three secondary schools based in Stone Town.

The CASA participants attended workshops about climate change and sustainable development and were then trained in basic film making using mobile phones and the use of other media equipment. The film workshops covered training on the use of camera, lighting, sound, editing, directing, and script writing. The project ran simultaneously in Zanzibar and Wales and the young people from both countries were able to learn from one another and share ideas, as well as evaluating each other’s films.

Sazani worked in collaboration with Broadside, a Carmarthenshire based film company dedicated to getting youths interested in media. Broadside provides opportunities such as script writing, production, acting and post production to name but a few. Their philosophy is to develop skills in film making and to provide a platform to get young people’s work shown and recognised. Our Zanzibar partners were Keys Media, an organisation set up by young Zanzibari’s to train their peer group in the art of film making and digital communication.

The completed films were shown in Zanzibar to a full house as part of 2017’s Sauti za Busara festival and will be shown in Wales, later this year, as part of the Wales One World Film Festival.

“Through this project I have realised that we are all connected and that how I treat the planet affects other people. I am grateful to the project to teaching me how to manage a project and for encouraging me to improve my organisational skills.” – Bruno, age 14, Wales

“I have gained knowledge about what climate change is and how important it is to protect our environment for the future and to utilise resources that are around us. This is a global problem so it is important to share information and ideas with people from other countries. I have also gained so much knowledge about filming and editing films and will continue to learn more. I’ve really enjoyed this project.” – Abdul Fatakh Abass, age 17, Zanzibar