Climate Adaption & Sustainability Aware

Sazani Associates and it’s partners are continually developing an approach to support the development of sustainable livelihoods through global education and training.

We are proud to be a Blue Solutions provider.

The Blue Solutions Initiative provides global knowledge exchange and capacity development on marine and coastal biodiversity. Our Climate Adaption and Sustainability Aware (CASA) program includes projects focusing on the delivery of a curriculum to embed education for sustainable development into teacher training and classroom delivery, the provision of training in climate smart appropriate technologies – building on existing community strengths – and enabling finance and climate smart enterprises such as jam production using rocket stoves, solar drying and solar installation.

Working with local coastal communities we have linked educational and livelihood projects to run a number of projects. Community stewardship is at the heart of our approach to coastal management. Coastal communities can appreciate, more than external environmentalists or academics, the fragility of their livelihoods. We support them to build on their existing assets and secure legitimacy.

We have seen communities grow their annual income 10 fold over a couple of years whilst supporting mangrove rehabilitation – without grants and hand outs from government or NGOs. Unlike most NGO projects this type of intervention develops a life of it’s own. Utilising the markets in sea cucumbers, local people were taught to collect washed up small see cumbers and grow them in nurseries in mangrove mud. This gives the mangrove mud a value as it only remains if the mangrove trees are there to trap it from being washed out to sea. No trees no mud. No mud no lucrative market in sea cucumbers.