Political & Social Risk

Sazani works closely with its global partners to offer its world leading expertise in social engagement to tackle the ‘wicked problems’ of modern day business. We recognise that most problems faced by businesses in the real world involve a multiplicity of factors for which there is rarely a simple solution. Sazani reduces risk to businesses by offering an iterative, solution orientated process of social engagement to build and maintain a relationship of mutual trust and credibility between stakeholders; working in a way that aligns the interests of the majority in order to develop permanent and lasting solutions.

“Dealing with Business Risk – the biggest risk, when you can quantify uncertainty, is social (people). We define business risk linked to Social Licence to Operate and will locate and deliver the opportunities for working with communities.”

Sazani’s skilled social professionals around the world can assist in finding creative project solutions, in any location. Supporting our strong grasp of social change theory is years of hands on experience working with governments, corporate entities, private sector stakeholders, academic bodies and, most importantly, communities in conflict. We also have a strong understanding of financial governance mechanisms and the limitations of working in the Global South.

We recognise specific cultural and political requirements when working within different countries and take special considerations when designing engagement processes and solutions. Sazani also works very closely with the Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation (IFC) Guidelines to define and address wicked problems, often working within difficult confidentiality constraints, in order to reduce social risk to businesses. We offer comprehensive support to our clients throughout the process to ensure you meet both the host country regulatory requirements and the leading international standards. We work hard with our clients to ensure they are positioned to make the most of their investments, both locally and internationally, and effective social risk management can often be used to support product marketing and differentiation.

Over the past 10 years Sazani has assisted corporate clients through all aspects of the social engagement and problem solving process to successfully align the interests of stakeholders and promote good practice in various aspects of social development. Our practitioners have experience working with communities across the globe -including Africa, Europe and Central America – and are particularly comfortable working with conservative Islamic communities. Sazani has the ability to operate with a variety of languages including English, Welsh, French, Swahili, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, Italian, Norwegian and others.


  • Consultation Planning and Problem Scoping
  • Social Engagement and Community Development Programs
  • Ecosystem Services Management
  • Social Investment Fund and Foundation Models
  • Restoration and Development of Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Corporate Social Strategies
  • Capacity Building
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Health Impact Assessment

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Jointly Framing Problems
Creation of Appropriate Soultions
Monitoring, Evaluation & Review