Resource conflict prevention and resolution

Resource conflict prevention and resolution

We work and support projects to resolve resource-based conflict using values-based approached to:

-Assess social licence potential and issues;

-Negotiate and mediate settlement agreements; and

-Develop effective mechanisms for improving social performance.

-We facilitate development of accountable structures and processes to manage agreed outcomes, using   ‘Red Team Risk Analysis’ tools

Red teaming can be used to identify flaws in logic and deficiency of data, to challenge assumptions and beliefs and hidden biases , to stress test your companies plans and to identify different options and alternatives. It is a form of risk analysis that Sazani can apply to your project or business operations, in relation to understanding  resource conflict potential and loss of a social licence to operate (SLO)

Traditional what if analysis involves imagining that a plan has failed and working backwards to determines what might have caused the failure. The red team mindset approach to what if analysis reverses this process. It starts at the beginning and imagines different pathways to failure.  

This kind of alternative analysis has in recent years become fundamental to military analysis in the global North building on lessons learned in the field. The changing nature of warfare has shown that military might and a traditional view of battle field power is redundant. New ways of conceptualising conflict and training military decision makers had to be developed. 

Similarly, SLO continues to dominate mining and other sector project risk registers, yet arguments about what SLO is persist.  All companies know what SLO is, once their project has lost it. 

Sazani has a range of academic practitioners with long standing expertise in building and securing social licence to operate. Livelihoods, security, political and environmental risk analyses are central to what we do. 

A Sazani Red Team analysis of your company’s project,  offers your company board  and senior managers, a scoping of potential risk scenarios and identifies critical nodes that will require either further data analysis or a planned response. You might not be able to imagine what will cause your project or potential project to fail but we can help you to understand and mitigate this risk