Sazani Associates is a UK based NGO working to support sustainable livelihoods through education and training. We adopt and implement asset based approaches to sustainable development and global learning. Through our sister organisation, Sazani Research & Development, we provide support to the natural resource sector to identify and address social and political risk issues. We have programmes and partners in Tanzania and Belize.

Sazani Associates has built links between schools, organisations, agencies and government departments in Wales, Zanzibar and Belize over many years, providing unique learning and sharing opportunities. Tackling global poverty and inequality and learning to live sustainably is increasing important given the shrinking world we live in. As experienced practitioners, Sazani Associates take global social responsibility very seriously and through our unique relationship with the communities we work with we share our experiences and help others make real connections to turn Global Social Responsibility into an opportunity.

95% of all grants we receive go directly to supporting vulnerable communities worldwide; supporting community enterprise and local grassroots groups to transform their lives.

We adopt a Sustainable Change Approach to support communities to recognise what resources are available to them and how they can draw on them in a sustainable fashion. This contrasts with asking communities what they want or need. Sazani combines this innovative approach with the opening of a deliberative dialogue between communities and powerful stakeholders to drive a solution orientated process.

Sazani Associates is a Company Ltd by Guarantee 5591725