Working across the globe for over 20 years, our lead associates work to enable mining, oil and gas, hydro-electric and large infrastructure projects to build and retain a Social Licence to Operate (SLO).

We know the value of demonstrating Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and in adhering to Good International Industrial Practice (GIIP).

Based in the UK, we believe that there is no substitute for experience when working with communities; some skills can’t be learned from academic papers. The IFC recognise that Early Strategic Stakeholder Engagement (ESSE) can be challenging, particularly for Juniors.

We offer support and direction at discharging your corporation’s obligations to be compliant with IFC guidelines and the Equator Principles (EPs).

“The simple fact is: in today’s world if we don’t bring people with us and if the majority of those living in host communities don’t benefit from our presence we won’t be allowed to mine.”

Mark Cutifani, CEO Anglo American

Sazani Consulting Services

Events unfold and it can sometimes be hard to see what the issues are.

We undertake Political and Economic Assessments (PEAs) so you understand what the issues are that are affecting your project. Then we help you deal with them.​

  • Early Strategic Stakeholder Engagement (ESSE)
  • Resettlement
  • Social Management Plans and Support
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans and Support
  • Rural Livelihood Plans and Support
  • Building Shared Content across stakeholders
  • Designing and supporting Social Investment vehicles
  • Developing an interface between communities, corporations, governments and NGOs
  • Working with Indigenous Peoples

*Sazani Consulting is a trading name of Sazani R&D