The Final Cut!

The CASA Media project has been training young people in Carmarthenshire, Wales and Zanzibar, Tanzania to use their video skills to produce a series of short films about climate change and sustainable development. Thirteen young people in Zanzibar and West Wales have been participating in the CASA Media project over the last year. You can now see their final work on our youtube channel*.

The project is part of a twining with Keys Media, an organisation in Zanzibar set up by young Zanzibari’s to train their peer group in the art of film making and digital communication, and Broadside, . Young people from both countries were able to learn from one another and share ideas, as well as evaluate each other’s films.

Mariella Scott of Sazani Associates said:

“The cultural exchanges and learning between the students in Wales and Zanzibar have been great to see, they have taken a similar journey to make their films which highlight their passion to tackle climate change.”

Monty Radford, one of the young people who took part in the workshops, said:

“This project has taught me lots about Global warming and I had the opportunity to learn how to storyboard and make my own film. The new skills I have gained will help me immensely in the future.”

The project was funded by Hub Cymru Africa who are supported by the Welsh Government.

Beth Kidd, Grants and Development Support Manager at Hub Cymru Africa said:

“The kind of work being undertaken by Sazani Associates is contributing to Wales being a globally aware and responsible nation. By having a better understanding of the challenges climate change is presenting globally (in Wales, Zanzibar and beyond), these young people are trying to creatively influence people in their communities to take action.

The films were made in collaboration with Broadside; a Carmarthenshire based film company dedicated to getting youths interested in media.

The films are suitable for young people and adults who are interested in the perspectives of the participants and their views on Climate Change and Sustainability. Please note, the young people from Zanzibar have been producing their films in Swahili and English and there are some spelling and grammatical errors when they have been working in their second or third language of English. There are also a few camera wobbles and subtitle issues which add to the authenticity of the product but as the young people point out, this doesn’t detract from their message, that climate change is something that must be addressed.

Don’t forget the CASA Media films will be showcased at the Small World Theatre in Cardigan, Wales on the 25th March! Check out the facebook event for more details.

*One of the films (Affects of Deforestation by Yusuf) shows men fighting whilst holding axes and machetes, images of dead animals and dead humans and could be upsetting for younger KS2 pupils. The clip contains graphic images.

Showcase: Young People’s Film Making Project

Wales One World Film Festival and CASA Media present this Young People’s Film Making Project. We will be showcasing three inspiring short films made with young people in West Wales and Zanzibar; funded by Hub Cymru Africa and the Welsh Government. Children from both countries participated in climate change and sustainability workshops as well as film making sessions. Join us on March 25th 2017 at the Small World Theatre in Ceredigion to follow their journeys as they interpret their understanding through digital film.

View the Facebook event for more.