Review of Poverty

What are the implications of different understandings of poverty for your teaching and for student learning in your school?

Think about some of the key concepts such as well-being, inequality, relative poverty and absolute poverty.

Poverty and Development

‘Wilbur goes poor’

INDIA: Wilbur Sargunaraj, India’s first You tube star, takes us on an enlightening journey into poverty and the lives of India’s poor. Along the way, Wilbur asks his fellow countrymen:

What they think poverty is?
What do people need to be without for them to be deemed impoverished?

And he speaks to some of India’s poor so we can see what they have and what they can show us.

What issues does this provoke that might be relevant to a school partnership overseas?

How is it different teaching and learning about poverty in the South/ in a partnership country?